Wednesday 3 February 2016

Consolidated Wicked City setting document now available

I think I might have joined Google plus by accident. It said I needed to use a real name so I hit cancel, but something seems to have changed anyway. Now my sort-of-review of Fire on the Velvet Horizon has this funny '+33' on it and seems to have picked up a couple of hundred pageviews overnight.

Noisms said I should be on Google plus anyway, so maybe this isn't so bad. Am I supposed to be using it to 'share' things? I'm not really sure how all this is supposed to work...

Anyway. I realised that I've written well over a book's worth of rules and setting material for Against the Wicked City, and it was getting kinda hard to navigate, so I've assembled a handy, consolidated list of links into one page. You can see the link at the top of the page, just under the blog title, in the tab labelled 'Against the Wicked City: Collected Information'. I'll update it as I add more stuff, although to be honest I'm not sure how much more I'll write for it. I don't really believe that more is always better. Sometimes the more you add, the more you dilute what you already have.

I'll probably do more encounter tables and Central Asian monsters at some point, though. They're always fun to write!

EDIT: I figured out the Google plus thing. 'Joseph Manola' is not my real name, but it is the name on one of my degree certificates, so it'll do for gaming purposes. I've experimentally hit 'share' on a few of my recent posts, and now wait with mild trepidation to see what will happen next...

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