Monday 7 March 2016

Two poems by Google Translate

On the Xortlaq, or Azerbaijanese Vampire

The death of the person who is difficult 
is thought to be more common. 
I stayed in the eyes of the world. 
The fact that out of the grave, he died 
(presumed dead) 
is not enough to explain the burial. 

On the day of the burial

tombs of the people in some parts of Turkey and scary "vampire" and "xortlaq
believed in the existence of the creatures. 
The evils of his time, 
the people who deal with a break shot and gossip resurrected after death. 
Supposedly the grave at night, 
wandering around the shroud to the people who angers them tease each creature, 
fast run, 
horseback ride, 
weapons use, 
to beat a man loves a man miss, 
can attack the houses, 

the road can be cut.

(Source: Google translation of page 'Xortlaq', in the Azerbaijani Vikipediya. Some sentences removed and line breaks added; one instance of 'they' replaced with 'the', but text otherwise as per the original.)

The Ubir

The large-headed, long-tailed creature. 

Fire erupting from the mouth. 
As can remain dormant for days, even months, also wants 
to be able to fly. 
I do not fear anyone. 
Contagious disease that spreads around.
What if it finds space? 

Ubir opened the tomb of a dead beats nail. 
Wants to enter the picture. 
Wolf or wild dog, disguised as sheep fabrics. 
Gathered at a mountain, kidnapped people and places. 
For lack of a deceased one should be under fire. 

More Romania and Moldova, the Turkish topluluklarınca is used in the sense of the vampire. 
Fin Ugor similar soyleyislerle their people takes place. 
Live in a terrible human being captured. 
Ubir in someone who is starting to look like him, insatiable dinner. 
But it remains too weak to eat. 

Tatar people "in the eyes of the battlefield itself insatiable Ubir as" 
There is a saying. People get up at night to eat Ubırlı seeking 
transformed into a ball of fire in the chimney 
could not find the food to other people's interests and players. 
Ubir just can not get tired of fire, 
evil, greedy, devouring creature. In addition, Leslie fed. 
At any moment, cat, dog, 

or you can go dressed as a beautiful girl.

(Source: Google translation of page 'Ubir', in the Azerbaijani Vikipediya. Some sentences removed, with line breaks and one question mark added: text otherwise as per the original.)

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