Friday 14 October 2016

Stealing art from Magic: the Gathering - Kaladesh edition

Back when I started this blog, Magic: the Gathering had just finished doing a Central Asian-themed set, Tarkir, which I promptly plundered for images to use with ATWC. Last month, they released Kaladesh, which is very nearly a clockpunk-Asia-themed set. (Its stylings are Arabic and Indian rather than Central Asian, though.) Given that there's not exactly a lot of clockpunk art around to start with, and almost all of it is draped with the trappings of Victoriana, this opens up an exciting new art-stealing opportunity!

The technology in Kaladesh is magitech rather than clockpunk, but it has the same kind of filigee intricacy that I imagine as characterising the technology of 'Against The Wicked City'. This is technology as art, not technology as industry: each work of clockpunk tech in ATWC is the expression of a single craftsman's vision and talent, rather than some kind of mass-produced off-the-shelf item churned out by a factory somewhere. So, here are some examples...

Image result for master trinketeer
This is very much how I imagine clockworker's workshops in ATWC - all polished brass and beautiful fiddly objects.

Image result for cultivators caravan mtg
And this, weird elongated back section aside, is pretty close to how I imagine bronze horses and the caravans they pull.

Image result for demolition stomper mtg
Apart from the open cockpit, this is pretty much a Steel Spider.

Image result for metalwork colossus mtg
This is a great image of a clockwork giant - handy as a deterrent, but only worth winding up if the city is actually being invaded!

Image result for chief of the foundry art mtg
A clockwork centaur-robot-centipede-lizard-thing. Love this guy. (This is the sort of thing that far-gone Steel Aspirants tend to turn themselves into.)

Image result for bastion mastodon aRT mtg
Someone or other in ATWC will have built clockwork elephants by now.

Image result for bastion mastodon aRT mtg
And clockwork centipedes.

Image result for narnam cobra mtg art
And clockwork snakes. (This one was probably commissioned by the Serpent Folk.)

Image result for noxious gearhulk mtg masterwork art
Clockwork soldier.

Image result for hangarback walker mtg inventions art
Giant clockwork walker with gyrocopters. Probably built mainly to show off.

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