Friday, 8 April 2022

City of Spires character art, by Autumnal Bloomer

One of the players in my City of Spires campaign recently commissioned a collection of character art for the party from Autumal Bloomer, of Tabletop Character Art. I thought they were absolutely adorable, and so - with the permission of both the original artist and the commissioner - I'm reposting them here. If you'd like images of your own D&D characters in a similar style then do give Autumnal's Etsy shop a look!

Barnabus, scribe turned sorcerer.

Barry, vagabond swamp magician.

Crabface, levitating crustacean pope.

Cyrus, Harvester of Men, and his knife-throwing murder-monkey Zari.

Darius the Organ Collector, with his offal bag and his pet raven, Giblet.

Ira, bee-swam hive-mind sorceress.

Jyll, crossbow-woman extraordinare. 

Lucius, long-suffering herbalist turned city administrator.

Marcus, evangelist of the Shining Ones.

Nikolai the distractingly sexy trapper.

Rattigan, rat-man energy-stave wielder.

Victor, heir of the Witch-Queens.

The whole damn crew!


  1. Very cute indeed! But I think that they may experience horrible deaths and that makes me a little sad.

    1. I wouldn't worry about them too much. They're mostly level 8 and borderline-unkillable at this point. Cyrus, in particular, is a veritable human threshing machine!

  2. "Knife-throwing murder-monkey" may be the best thing I've read today, Huzzah!

  3. WHAT DID I MISS in that last session? They are brilliant, esp facepalming Lucius and Nikolai's distractingly tight trousers. And Darius's offal bag is perfection.

    1. The party met up with Jack's boyfriend from the last campaign (now a senior medical scholar) and got him drunk on Chumbouquet, mostly. Now they're off to the hidden hunting lodge in the woods to see the Fleshdregs!

  4. I loved the characters, Joseph. How was their development? Especially for "weird" PCs like Ira and Crabface? Did they start that way or were changed during the adventures?

    1. It was an established fact of the setting that people who ate the magically-contaminated crabs in the city's river ended up degenerating into feral crab people. When one of the PCs rolled up a fisherman with really low charisma, his explanation was that he'd eaten some crab - not enough to devolve completely, but enough to give him disfiguring mutations. Later he gained cleric levels and became the city's religious leader.

      Ira was more of a running joke that gradually took on a life of its own. Her player kept using Control Insects spells, first for beekeeping, then to keep swarms of bees around herself in case she needed to send them off to sting anyone. After a while she was covered in bees all the time and the joke was that no-one was sure where the bees stopped and she began. She started interacting with the world almost entirely via magically controlled bee-swarms, and eventually we collectively decided that at some point the bees had probably replaced her entirely, her consciousness transitioning to the swarm...

    2. That is awesome! Thank you. I love the fact that the craziness evolved from the campaign itself and not due to mechanical options offered at character creation. I am about to start a B/X game and I hope to get that feeling.