Monday 18 January 2016

B/X class: the Angel

Last one. I promise.

This is a class for people who want to play angels or similar benevolent spiritual types. It's basically a 'build your own righteous dude' class. People with fond memories of Planescape could use it to play aasimar. I always felt they were kinda shortchanged by the rush to make tieflings a core race.

Anyway. Angels.

Hit Dice, Experience, saving throws, to-hit charts: All as Cleric.

Weapons and Armour: Angels can use any kind of weapons and armour.

Angelic Gifts: At level 1, select one of the following Angelic Gifts for your character. Select an additional Gift for each subsequent level. Some gifts may be chosen more than once, as explained in their writeups.

The gifts you may choose from are as follows:

  • Angelic Beauty: Once per day per two levels, you may charm someone by looking into their eyes. This has the same effect as a Charm Person spell cast by a Magic-User of the same level. 
  • Angelic Gaze: May be chosen twice. Chosen once, this gift allows you to see in the dark. Chosen twice, it allows you to see into the souls of men: when you make eye contact with someone, you become instantly aware what single action they feel most guilty or ashamed about. Unwilling targets may resist this effect by making a saving throw.
  • Authority: You may cast Command, as a Cleric of equal level, once per day per level.
  • Blessings: You may cast Bless, as a Cleric of equal level, once per day per level.
  • Divine Aegis: Once per day, you may reroll a failed saving throw. 
  • Exorcism: You gain the ability to Turn Undead like a Cleric of equal level, but your power also works on demons, devils, and similar evil spirits.
  • Fire From Heaven: May be chosen twice. Once per day per two levels, you may call down holy fire to blast one nearby target. This has the same effect as a Magic Missile spell cast by a Magic-User of the same level. If chosen twice, you can use this gift once per day per level, instead.
  • Flight: May be chosen up to three times. Chosen once, this gift allows you to float up to 1' above the floor at will, letting you float over water, avoid certain traps and hazards (collapsing floors, quicksand, etc), and move without making sound or footprints. Chosen twice, it permits you to slowly levitate vertically up and down. Chosen three times, it permits true flight.
  • Gift of Tongues: You may cast Comprehend Languages on yourself at will.
  • Halo: May be chosen twice. You have a glowing halo, which provides bright illumination at all times. You may cause it to vanish and appear at will. If this gift is chosen twice, the light of your halo also fills all allies who can currently see it with hope and determination, granting them (but not you) a +1 to-hit and damage bonus.
  • Healing: May be chosen up to four times. You may cast Cure Light Wounds, as a Cleric of equal level, once per day per level. If chosen twice, your heal spells also cure poison; chosen three times they also cure madness or disease, and chosen four times they also remove curses.
  • Holy Blood: Your blood counts as holy water, and you may create vials of holy water by bleeding 1 HP worth of blood into a container. Any undead or demonic creature which hits you with a bite attack immediately takes 1d8 damage.
  • Holy Weapon: May be chosen up to six times. Chosen once, it allows you to conjure a flaming weapon of your choice into your hand at will: only you can wield it, and it vanishes if you let go of it, but it is otherwise an ordinary weapon aside from being on fire. Each subsequent time you choose this gift the holy weapon gains +1 to-hit and damage, up to a maximum of +5.
  • Judgement: May be chosen any number of times. Once per day, you may pronounce a Judgement upon someone as though you were an Inquisitor of equal level.
  • Miracle: Each morning, pick one spell that a Cleric of your level would normally have access to. You may cast that spell once. If not used by the end of the day, the spell is lost - unless you pick it again the next day, of course!
  • Music of the Spheres: Once per day, you may sing a song of such heartbreaking beauty that anyone who hears it (friend or foe) must make a save or sit and listen, enthralled, until you stop singing. You may sing for a maximum of one hour per level. Any kind of violence breaks this effect.
  • Sense Evil: You feel intense discomfort whenever a source of supernatural evil (e.g. undead, demons, etc) is nearby. The range of this power is 10' per level. 
  • Shepherd of the Dead: Once per day per level, you can communicate  for up to one minute per level with the spirit of someone recently dead: the dead are generally well-disposed towards you, and will answer your questions truthfully unless they have strong reasons not to. Will not work on anyone who has been dead for more than one day per level.
  • Sustenance: While you can still eat and drink if you want to, you can survive indefinitely on nothing more than air and sunlight. 

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