Thursday 4 June 2015

So who are you, and why have you afflicted the world with another blog?

I'm a British academic. I teach and research the cultural history of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. I also write OSR gaming stuff in my spare time.

This blog is a convenient place for me to put them, mostly for my own benefit. If anyone else out there finds it useful, then that's a bonus.

I might use it for other things from time to time. But it'll probably always mostly be about tabletop RPGs, and maybe occasionally history stuff as well.

In the unlikely event that anyone other than me is reading this: I hope you find something worth reading!


  1. I am reading it. I have lurked for a year and decided to start at the beginning.

    1. Yeah... turns out there's a bigger audience for romantic clockpunk Early Modern Central Asian OSR fantasy than I anticipated when I first started this blog two years ago. Hope you find something useful in your readthrough!

  2. Six years later and dang I'm glad I found this blog