Tuesday 16 June 2015

Stealing inspirational art from Magic: the Gathering

I play Magic: the Gathering. Don't judge me. It's far easier to get one person to sit down for a 20-minute one-off card game than it is to get six people together for a three-hour RPG session once a week.

Magic has just spent the last year doing a block of expansion sets with a central Asian theme. Convenient, no?

Most of their art, of course, is totally inapplicable to ATWC, because it's full of Cool Fantasy Guys posing with glowing swords and shit while something explodes in the background, and that's not really the vibe I'm looking for. But a few of their pieces do fit. I'm just gonna dump them here.

Some very cool, central Asian-inspired armour designs on this one.

I'm sure there are a bunch of guys who ride giant falcons in ATWC somewhere.
War goats. War. Goats.
And war... rams?
Yeah. War rams. I love these guys.
These totally exist somewhere and you absolutely don't ever want to go there.
Horrors of the Wicked City.
More horrors of the Wicked City.
Crag-top monasteries.
Their students have Strong Opinions about the Wicked City. They are Against it.

Adventures set inside the bellies of giant fish are automatically 50% more awesome.
Ghosts of the desert sands.
Awesome shaman dude 1.
Awesome shaman dude 2.
Love the armour on this one.
Artificer at work.
Ruined cities on the backs of giant zombie turtles fuck yeah.

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